Cute as a Button: Button Initial DIY

Nanny life: Baby A is a whole year old! Hard to think I met her when she was still cookin, and now she is waddling around and being the cutest. Since I know she already has lots of toys and books and clothes, I wanted to make something fun yet simple to personalize her room…button art!


You need:
Card stock
Buttons, different sizes
Hot glue gun
Frame, colored mat optional  


  • Sketch out the letter lightly in pencil on the card stock. If you’ve got a linear letter, a ruler is your best friend. Another option is blowing up, printing, and cutting a large letter and that as a stencil.
  • Start gluing down the buttons. I hit the corners and outsides first to make sure the buttons sat right. Then added some on top, overlapping to cover gaps.
  • Remove the glass from frame, and set in place! Swapping out a colored mat may look nice as well. Happy crafting!

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