DIY Terrarium

IMG_1894Hello Gnomey! This project takes less time to put together than it does to gather the supplies. And man does it look cute in my room. Now Gnomey has a succulent forest to play in.

Glass candy jar (or any type of glass jar!)
Small stones
Horticultural charcoal or gravel
Potting soil
Plants/succulents of your choice

Wash the glass container and dry completely. Create a one-inch layer of stones on the bottom of the jar,then add a half-inch of charcoal or gravel. (I thought I was being savvy in skipping this step because I didn’t want to buy any, but it turns out the soil will slip down and cover up the bottom rocks if you don’t have this layer). Spoon in a two- to three-inch layer of potting soil, piling soil higher on one side to make plants visible from a side view. Dig small holes for the roots. Take plants out of their pots, remove extra soil from the roots, and trim damaged leaves. While the roots are still moist, place the plants in the holes and pat soil over the roots. Place taller plants in the back. Dampen the soil but do not overwater. Decorate with pretty rocks, animal figurines, or a garden gnome. Place in indirect sunlight and add water when your terrarium gets dry. IMG_1896

Project inspired by: National Geographic

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