DIY Tile Coasters

On a rainy day in October I ventured to Old Town in search of a Mexican poncho (and handmade tortillas). No luck on the comfy poncho, but instead I found these dusty tiles on clearance for $1 each! They had all kinds of designs and colors, but I picked four that instantly reminded me of a certain friend (who shall remain nameless until after Christmas!). They go together without being too matchy-matchy, and I like that. Transforming these tiles to coasters took me literally ten minutes (after 20 minutes of searching for the glue gun).
4 square tiles
1 piece of felt
Hot glue gun

Trace a tile onto a piece of regular paper, then cut it out to make your “pattern” for cutting out the felt squares. Use the pattern to cut out 4 squares of felt. With your hot glue gun, attach a felt square to each tile back.
Stack and tie them up cute with a ribbon, and you have a handmade gift for under $5!

One Response to DIY Tile Coasters

  1. These are very giftable. My girls made something like this with their own paintings on them, on some beigey marble tiles a few years back, and I still love using them for my daily coffee fix.

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