DIY Green Laundry Detergent

Using your own hand-made laundry detergent is one of those things that make you feel like a self-sufficient badass. After checking out pages of recipes– considering both effectiveness and toxicity–and a little experimentation, I don’t think I’ll go back to buying detergent anytime soon. You can throw a batch together in under 10 minutes, and with just a tablespoon per load you’ve got clean clothes!

IMG_9277But does this actually clean? YES! And it smells good too, depending on your soap of choice. (Note: I do have special detergent for sweaty gym clothes, hehehh).

DIY Non-Toxic Powdered Laundry Detergent
1 bar of soap (I used a lavender-scented bar from the dollar store)*
1 cup Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda
½ cup Arm & Hammer Baking Soda


  • Grate the soap using a regular cheese grater. Once the whole bar is grated place the curled shavings into a large plastic bag, remove as much air as possible and zip closed. Using the palms of your hands (or a wooden spatula) smash down on the soap curls to smush them as small and powdery as possible.
  • In a mixing bowl combine soap, washing soda and baking soda, mix until evenly distributed.
  • This is your new detergent! Pour into an airtight container for storage. Before doing a load of laundry give the container a shake to make sure the powder and the soap pieces are evenly distributed. Use 1 heaping tablespoon per load (or a little more for towels and heavier loads).

*Note: A fair amount of recipes recommend Dr. Bronner Castile soap, but I chose a lavender bar to give the detergent a subtle scent (and because it was a dollar).

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