DIY Industrial Pendant Light

Industrial lightOur reading corner has been lacking light (and style) for a while now, and I decided that this weekend was time to do something about it. After the Home Depot trip of all Home Depot trips on Friday I’m set on supplies for my next handful of projects.
I’ve been meaning to make this light for a while now, and I’m glad I finally did because it’s so easy, cute and cheap. Other than a couple rounds of spray painting, there’s not much more to it!

Industrial light DIYYOU NEED:
Clamp light (I hit up Home Depot’s industrial lighting department).
Spray paint (glossy is best)
Light bulb
Painter’s tape
Ceiling hook


  • Remove the clamp from the light socket, it should slide of easily. Take off any stickers, (you should use adhesive remover if necessary, but I was impatient).
  • Tape the holes at the top and sides of the light so that paint doesn’t go through to the other side.
  • Spray away! I did 3 coats. You can also paint the inside of the shade (white looks really nice) but I just didn’t want to buy more spray paint.
  • Once the shade is dry, screw the socket back into the shade and put in your light bulb. Attach a ceiling hook where you’re going to hang the light, hang it to the desired length, and plug in the cord!

8 Responses to DIY Industrial Pendant Light

  1. bepcity says:

    Love this idea! So cool!

  2. I love how your pendant light turned out – and that’s such a beautiful colour too! I’ve got this linked to my pendant lights post too today, for inspiration!

  3. jdoc284 says:

    I loved this and had a heat lamp from walmart in my basement so I thought this would be a perfect craft. Sadly, the cord on the walmart version is way too short to try it. Thanks for sharing. It looks great.

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