Blood Orange Lemonade

Blood Orange LemonadeAfter receiving pounds upon pounds of blood oranges and lemons in my CSA box this week– and supporting the cutest little 25 cent lemonade stand–it was clear I needed to make some blood orange lemonade. Or shall I call it, the best lemonade. Pucker up!

Blood Orange Lemonade (makes a little less than 2 quarts)
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
1 cup fresh blood orange juice, 5 to 6 oranges
1 cup fresh lemon juice, 6 to 8 lemons
3 cups water
1 lemon
1 blood orange
Fresh mint sprigs, for garnish


  • In a medium saucepan heat 1 cup sugar and 1/2 cup water for about 5 minutes until all the sugar is dissolved and it becomes a syrup consistency (also known as simple syrup). Let cool slightly.
  • Juice your blood oranges and lemons if you haven’t already done so. Pour the juices, simple syrup, and 3 cups water into a pitcher. Give it a swirl, and slice up 1 lemon and 1 blood orange to throw in the pitcher.
  • To serve: fill a glass with ice and pour in the lemonade! Garnish with mint.

Note: Makes a little less than 2 quarts. If you’re making to serve immediately, fill pitcher with ice before pouring in liquids. I plan on drinking mine over the next couple of days, so I made it more concentrated.

Blood Orange Lemonade  Blood Orange Lemonade

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