B12 Deficiency & Vitamin Injections

B12shotsThis post is about dropping trou (my favorite phrase lately). Really though, it’s all about the importance of B vitamins and taking a stab– literally– at vitamin injections. Vitamin shots may not sound too appealing- but how does energy, weight loss and reduced stress & anxiety sound?

Many people are deficient in vitamin B12 without realizing it, including myself. I soooo regret not realizing sooner the importance of B vitamins and the lack of them in my body. This B12 deficiency has definitely played a large role in my recent funk. Even if you don’t think you’re deficient you should take a B complex supplement to prevent it.

B12 is an essential vitamin needed for the development and maintenance of a healthy nervous system, the production of DNA and formation of red blood cells. Deficiency is a serious and ugly thing, the symptoms mimic extreme aging and can even cause anemia (check). If not treated, B12 deficiency can affect your body and impair cognitive function. Common symptoms— all of which I have been struggling with– include:

Easy and chronic fatigue, loss of energy
Unusually rapid heart beat, particularly with exercise
Difficulty concentrating
Dizziness and weakness
Leg cramps and tingling extremities
Insomnia and difficulty waking up in the morning
Pale and unhealthy skin

There are several reasons one can become B12 deficient. Vegetarians are at high risk for B12 deficiency as most food-based sources are meat. Taking birth control and some other medications is known to deplete your levels of B12 as well. Both of these apply to me >slaps forehead<. I feel like the biggest dummy for not seeing the connection sooner.
But not anymore thanks to…

Vitamin B injections! Benefits include:

Energy & stamina
Weight loss & higher metabolism
Deeper sleep
Better mood
Balanced immune system
Mental clarity

I have been so deficient in B12 that after the first injection I felt a MAJOR difference. Real, physical changes not just a happy placebo affect (although I was super happy too…and relaxed). Shots are never fun, but now that I’m two injections in I’m actually looking forward to the next time I can go back for more. There are clinics and health centers that provide injections so you don’t need to visit the doctor’s office to get one & to make it even more convenient they often set up shop at health food stores and pharmacies throughout the week.

B12 is the basis of all injections, then you can “add on” vitamins from there (they combine them so you’re only getting one shot). I added on B6 (the “anti-stress” vitamin, balances hormones, anti-inflammatory, helps PMS symptoms) and in the future want to try B1 (strengthens the immune system, mental alertness) and folic acid (skin conditions).

Treatment to correct a B12 deficiency typically involves much larger doses than the body actually requires, so it’s recommended you receive injections once a week for the first month, then go down from there. At first I thought this was an up-sell strategy, but I’ve done my research and it’s worth it. I plan to receive B12 every week, and B6 every other.

I’m glad I finally had my aha! moment and started correcting my deficiency with vitamin shots. Hopefully this may help some of you, too!
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