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Hi friends, I’m bringing you a guest post today! Ashleigh runs a new running blog over at Daily Cup of AsheeJoJo and guess what…we’re roommates! The kind of roommates that live in Paris together and travel Europe together and get chased by men in wheelchairs together. Along with many other interests that I won’t mention (mostly because they are not blog-appropriate) we have a shared passion in exploring new hobbies, Ashleigh’s most recent being kombucha brewing.

Kombucha tea is a sour, effervescent beverage with a handful of benefits including improved digestion (thanks to probiotics), energy, and appetite suppression. If you have an expensive kombucha addiction, brewing your own may significantly cut costs (and is way more satisfying to drink). It’s not a very difficult process but you need to be vigilant about cleanliness and make sure nothing is contaminated.

Now I’ll let Ashleigh take the floor with her homemade kombucha:

Tips & Where to purchase:
– I bought my SCOBY from my fitness trainer, but local sources can be found online and via CraigsList.
– Most equipment was purchased from Walmart (pyrex container, 2 gallon pot, 2 gallon fermenting vessel, 2 gallon drink dispenser, mason jars).
– Williams-Sonoma also sells Kombucha kits to get you started (
– I purchased my heating pad from Amazon.  It’s actually a seedling heating pad (
– I purchased pH strips from Amazon too.  Look for strips that focus on pH levels 2-4 (that’s where you’ll want your final kombucha pH to end up around).
– Old t-shirts or other cloth can be used instead of muslin.  This is to keep the bugs out, but to also let the mixture breathe.
– Using the right amount of sugar is imperative. The SCOBY feeds off of the sugar.
– Don’t use teas with oil in them.  Make sure you get 100% black, white or green tea.
– Use 100% juice or puree only.
– Do not use metal around the SCOBY or you’ll get a metallic taste!  To stir, use wooden spoons, and only store the SCOBY in glass containers.
– Make sure you wash everything out good.  Do not let wet residue sit.  Mold is not good!

Feel free to comment with questions…and happy brewing!

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  2. Vinny Grette says:

    Heard of this but never realized the tea was fermented. Is the finished product sweet tasting? Does it still have a measurable amount of sugar (and calories…)?

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