San Diego Springtime

Spring is one of the best seasons in San Diego. But then again, every season is great down here! The sun is out, everyone’s feeling happy and social, and there’s loads of fun events going on. This is my first spring being out of school, but usually May and June meant lots of visitors, concerts, parties, and crossing off to-do lists with friends before people packed up to disperse for the summer. Luckily, it looks like this May is shaping up to be just as fun as the rest.

May means a full social calendar, brunches, cold drinks, sunny hikes, photoshoots, fresh flowers, fresh fruits, outside work-outs, summer list-making, and general unwinding as spring eases into summer. Spring is the pre-summer, filled with the excitement of the beautiful days that lie ahead.

Today I ate my first nectarine of the season (!!!) and am counting down the hours until my mom and brother arrive for the weekend, which I have packed full of FUN! It feels like May.

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