Healthy Sick Week?

My slim-down efforts have been slightly thwarted by an annoying sore throat (cold, allergies, sinusitus?) and foggy head this week. The week started off great with delicious roasted veggies (see below) da boy made me, but as the week went on I gave up on my planned meals and just ate what my body wanted. I also didn’t drink as much liquids as I should have since it hurt to swallow. But I still managed to keep it healthy(!) until Friday night when I had just 7-Up for dinner (the comfort food of the bed-ridden) and stayed up until 3AM reading a book I bought just hours earlier. Not the best idea, but old habits die hard. Needless to say, I totally recommend the book (and its supposed to be the book of the summer).

roasted carrots and asparagus
Where'd You Go Berndadette book

Ended the weekend at one of my favorite spots with a large salmon salad and a gorgeous view. That view + iced tea will cheer anyone up. (And make you nostalgic for the days you lived a mere 2 minute walk from said view, La Jolla Shores).
salmon salad, caroline's cafe, la jolla shores

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