Summer To-Do List

summer to-do list

Whaddup Summer 2013?! First of all- sorry bout my feet, but I love this pic because it brings back fond memories and captures the essence of those barefoot, carefree days that I love so much about summer. Making lists is one my all-time favorite things to do. I have several notebooks half-full of lists of all sorts, and I use and abuse post-it notes for my daily list making pleasure. Normally I get a little too excited and start a summer bucket list months before summer, but this year I’m a little slow. So here’s the start of my Summer 2013 list in no particular order, which will be expanded (at great length) once I look through my existing notebooks and refresh my mem.

Get a new bike & take weekly bike rides
Play tennis (maybe learn the actual rules?)
Become a boss at Photoshop/InDesign
Find an organization to volunteer with
Donut tower birthday cake
Learn to really surf (finally)
BBQ/Dinner party
Intervention SD
Read a book every 1-2 weeks (book list coming soon!)
Visit local breweries & wineries
Try a new popsicle recipe each week
Try a new cocktail recipe every other week
Attend at least 2 concerts
Make a summer playlist (for running, partying, driving)
Summer trips: Catalina, Portland, Seattle, Napa
LA for fabric, jewelry, & flowers (and Diddy Riese!)
Try restaurants on my SD restaurant list (coming soon!)
Try new recipes from my Pinterest boards
Catch up on classic movies/TV shows I haven’t seen (list coming soon!)

More coming soon :)


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