Grilled Ciabatta and Summer Veggies

Summer is for grilling. And fresh produce. And dining alfresco.
grilled ciabatta grilled veggies
I finally broke out the grill pan, and I’m in love with it! Don’t know why I was intimidated before, but it couldn’t be easier. And while the veggies were delicious, my favorite part was the grilled ciabatta bread! I planned to scoop the veggies onto the bread like a tartine, but the bread was so good I had to eat it plain! I think a lot of summer dinners are gonna be lookin’ like this. #thosegrillmarksdoe.

Grilled Ciabatta and Summer Veggies
Use any fresh veggies you like! (I used corn, onions, tomatoes, and mushrooms)
Boil corn. In the meantime, throw onions and mushrooms on a heated skillet grill drizzled with olive oil. Add any other veggies that need less time to cook (like tomatoes). Once you’ve got those beautiful grill marks, remove from heat and toss all veggies together. While that cools slightly, drizzle bread slices with olive oil and grill on skillet until grilled. Scoop veggies onto the bread or eat separate. (Optional, sprinkle feta cheese onto veggies).

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