Summer Daydreaming


Lately I’ve been daydreaming about taking an extended road trip through the mid-west. I just have the urge to walk and bike through open landscapes and rural towns. Or maybe it’s just that I want to have nothing to do but truly soak in the long lazy days of summer. But I want to be playing outside, lounging on a porch with books and tea, cooking and canning with local farm produce, picking wildflowers, jumping in lakes, writing letters, and exploring new places with a good camera. It would be nice to get a little isolated and have some time to daydream and reflect on what I want to do with my life.

Thinking about this makes me a little nostalgic for my childhood summer trips to Arkansas where my grandparents own a house on a lake. We would swim, boat to “islands”, paint in my grandma’s craft room, bake pies, do puzzles, hike, visit the hot springs and wind down with Discovery Channel documentaries. One summer we even took the trailer up to Illinois (quite the memorable trip, but highlights include: stopping on the side of the road for peach milkshakes, trying not to laugh in a church where they shouted gospel songs (and shouted in general), staying in a house my great-uncle physically built himself, and walking through a really cool cemetery). Lucky to have so many good memories. Anyway, I just feel like taking life at a slower pace, going on beautiful hikes, and getting caught in summer rain storms.




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