Sunday Thanks, July 21st

This week started with an unusually open weeknight schedule (but not for long) and a truly relaxing weekend! I mean, Puesto + Baked Bear + a movie all on a Tuesday? (We finally made it out to Baked Bear, and it was delicious).
baked bear ice cream sandwiches

Later in the week a sunset picnic with cheese and crackers, fresh sammies, Whole Foods sides, neat bottled soda (dry cucumber and grapefruit cardamom) and an aggressive seagull attack to top it off. As I was unwrapping a block of cheese, a seagull came in for a sneak attack and sunk his beak into the block of cheese while it was still in my hand! And he was so strong that if I hadn’t subconsciously clenched my body/fists up in shock he definitely would have flown away with it! After we registered what had actually just happened (in the moment I initially thought a huge dog had leaped onto our blanket and was coming to bite my face off) we enjoyed the rest of our picnic laughing in peace.

claire's on cedros cinnamon rollSaturday I grabbed a light and flaky cinnamon roll from Claire’s On Cedros to eat on the train ride back home and devoured it- but not without some jealous stares! My mom picked me up and took me to Burger Parlor, this burger joint started by an award-winning chef. Everything is homemade and natural! The ketchup had hints of ginger and I couldn’t get enough of the secret sauce. The closest thing I would liken it to is Burger Lounge, but not even because this place had so much variety! I got the Portland “Veggie Lovers” burger- marinated beets, pickled carrots, sprouts, fried mozzarella, arugula, and tomato confit, and we shared truffle baked potato fries that practically had a salad on top of them!burger parlor

After a relaxing evening and early night we woke up early for the Long Beach Antique Market on Sunday. There was a great selection of items to browse and it was even larger than we expected! I ended up getting some vintage crates, a pair of Levi’s cutoffs and a pretty vintage christmas ornament.


Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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