Catalina Weekend Get-Away! #datbuffalomilk

catalina islandDespite living so close I’d never made the hour-long boat ride over to Catalina. Until this weekend, that is! I had absolutely zero expectations and knew nothing about it other than that it was small and charming. I was excited for a fun girl’s weekend, but had no idea we were in for such a treat!
coney island west fish and chips
descanso beach club

If you find yourself in Catalina, specifically at Descanso Beach Club, you have to order the Buffalo Milk. Just do it. It tastes like a pina colada and Starbucks pumpkin frap had a baby in your mouth. As weird as that combo sounds, I swear I’m still dreaming about it. Like, I would make another trip back solely for Buffalo Milk. And while I’m giving recommendations, don’t leave the island without getting your wiki wacked and getting down at the Chi Chi Club.
descanso beach club girls
big olafs ice cream
wiki wackedSuch a fun weekend filled with laughs and bonding and hashtags.
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