DIY Stamped Metal Initial Necklace

Well I finally broke in my metal stamping kit; just in time for summer birthday gift making! Today I bring you….
hand stamped metal necklace

Metal stamping is something I’ve always wanted to give a try and let me tell you…it’s fun! It is definitely a practice in patience and precision, but oh so exciting to see the results of your work. Since I’d never done metal stamping before (does leather stamping at Girl Scout camp count?!) or know anyone that has, I had to consult a few blog tutorials and ended up learning quite a bit! While I’m far from an expert, I now know enough tips and tricks to get by with just a couple basic tools. Aka- metal stamping on a budget!

  1. Tools can get expensive. Since I’m just doing this as a hobby for now I went with the bare minimum to get the job done: metal blanks, stamps, and a hammer. Lots of other tools are great, but not necessary unless you’re really serious about metal stamping. I bought my stamps and blanks pretty cheap from PJ Tool Supply.
  2. You NEED a hard, flat surface. I found that without a special block, working on concrete was the only way the stamping would work. I recommend placing a piece of paper between the blank and concrete to prevent scratching (unless that’s what you want).
  3. Practice makes perfect! Make sure to buy some cheap blanks (or washer discs from Home Depot!) to practice on. Once you stamp, it’s hard to fix if you’ve made a mistake.

The process is pretty intuitive. Essentially you just need to gather supplies, find a hard work surface, be careful to line everything up correctly, and swing the hammer! Once you’ve stamped, you can fill it in with permanent marker and rub off to make the letters really stand out. (It rubs off really easy). That’s pretty much it! But I know it can be a bit intimidating, so below are some of the tutorials I found most helpful:

On this first project- a necklace for Tori- I thought the blank looked too shiny and new so I decided to experiment and scuff it up a bit for a worn, vintage-y look. I’ll be making these cute necklaces for all of my friends now! And now that I know what I’m doing, I have lots of ideas for upcoming  projects. Be on the look out. 😉

Questions? Advice? Let me know!


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  1. lovelove this post!

    here’s my diy today:

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