Sunday Thanks: It’s August…Surf’s Up!

AUGUST is hands-down my favorite month of the year. Summer is at it’s peak…aaand it’s my birth month! Come on guys, I am a Leo after all. RAAAWWRRRRRR!IMG_5782IMG_5793

I know I’m biased, but August is simply the best. It’s the thick of summer and one seriously can’t help but be happy! The seasonal produce is amaze and there’s no escaping Vitamin D (and iced tea). Ice cream and popsicles and beach days and magazines (finally featuring Leo’s horoscope!) and jorts and white tees and happy-go-lucky music.

For me, August inspires lots of self-improvement (starting a new year of life!) and adventures. And I think I kicked this August off right…with a spontaneous surfboard purchase! Now we just have to suit up and we’ll be on our way to gurfer insta-fame. This week I’m thankful for the start of August, living in beautiful Encinitas, and the fact that I’ll be en route to Portland & Seattle on vacation in less than a week!

Happy August friends and fellow Leos!

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