DIY Tassel Bracelet


What can I say…I’m on a jewelry making kick! And after lusting over tassel-ridden Pinterest, I couldn’t wait another day to DIY up some tassel bracelets! IMG_5766

I like the 70’s beachy vibe of these bracelets. I am literally obsessed with them. Like, I need to go back to the store and buy embroidery thread in every color, obsessed. Luckily they’re super easy (and fun!) to make. The “hardest” part is making the actual tassel; I definitely recommend doing a tester to experiment with first. Once you’ve experienced what it’s like, you’ll have a much better feel for it (and the following tassels will turn out a lot prettier!).

DIY Tassel Bracelets
You need:
Embroidery thread in fun colors
Gold thread
Piece of cardboard (1″x1″)
Jump Rings
Stretchy jewelry cord


  1. Cut a 12″ piece of thread and set it aside for later. Wrap the remaining thread around the small piece of cardboard, then use the scissors to cut one side of the wrapped thread.
  2. Take the 12″ piece of thread and wrap it around the center of the thread pieces. Tightly double knot it.
  3. To thin out the tassel and make the top thicker than the bottom, separate some of the inside threads in the middle. Cut the thread about 2/3rds of the way up.
  4. Fold in half, using the outer threads to cover the smaller, cut pieces. Cut a 12″ piece of gold thread and tie around the tassel. Wrap it around several times, and tie it off tightly. Cut off any excess thread.
  5. Add a jump ring to the center thread. Trim the end of the tassel to make it more even.
  6. Now that your tassel is done, add it to a bracelet! Using stretchy cord and the beads of your choice, string together until you’ve reached desired length. String on tassel, and tie the bracelet off tightly!

Happy crafting!


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  1. Craftynail says:

    Wow! I totally wanna try this! thnxx!!

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