Donuts, Go Nuts! I Love Blue Star Donuts.

donuts, go nuts!

I’ve always been one to enjoy a good donut- alright let’s be real, any donut- but it wasn’t until this past year that I realized donuts could take the cake as my dessert of choice. It probably has something to do with my close proximity to VG’s Donuts and a lot to do with my exposure to trendy gourmet donuts. I know that gourmet donuts are a trend (and supposedly cinnamon rolls are up next) but I sincerely hope it’s one that’s here to stay! I loooove sinking my teeth into that puffy fluffy light and airy cake texture, and the glaze is literally just icing on the cake.

So when we set off for vacation, I sought out the best donuts Portland has to offer. I’m talking Blue Star Donuts. The freshest and most delicious donuts ever. They taste like they’ve been hand-crafted by God himself.
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Set in quite possibly the cutest open and stylish bakery, they’re serious about making awesome donuts. I quote:

Our donuts are made from a classic brioche recipe that originated in the south of France. The dough is made from scratch every day: we start with a certified sustainable bread flour from Shepherds Grain, add Cage Free eggs from Stiebrs Farms, mix in whole milk from Sunshine Dairy, and then fold in a European-style butter from Larsen’s Creamery. All the fruits that go into our fillings and glazes are organic, and we only cook our donuts in rice oil. Our donuts are made fresh through out the day – selections change daily and sell out quickly!


I tried the Blueberry Bourbon & Basil, Passion Fruit Cocoa Nib (favorite!), Red Berry & Rhubarb, and Dulce de Leche & Hazelnut. Ermahgerd.

So if you end up in Portland, don’t miss Blue Star.
PS- I’m not getting paid for this. I just really love these donuts.

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