It’s My Birthday!

IMG_6408And I’m feelin 23? I think I might be.

Had such a wonderful birthday in Seattle! Shoved my face with gourmet donuts and iced coffee before going on an underground city tour, grabbed Beecher’s grilled cheese sandwiches and Rachel’s Ginger Beer peach moscow mules for lunch at Pike Place (sooo delicious), and relaxed enjoying the “local flavor” before yet another amazing wine and seafood dinner. Halibut and the freshest heirloom caprese. And because it’s my birthday AND we’re on vacation, more ice cream from Cupcakes Royale for dessert! HEAVEN.IMG_6369 Fotor0905225856IMG_6380 IMG_6344IMG_6392Fotor0905230736IMG_6426

I’ve got a good feeling about you, twenty-three.

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