Sunday Thanks, August 25th

It feels great to be back home in Encinitas. Not that I ever want vacation to end, but it’s been nice to get back to some kind of routine (even if that routine is just blasting happy music and taking the coast to work). A little time away was a great reminder of everything I love about my life.

This week I’m thankful for everything that’s making me happy: living in Encinitas, warm summer weather, getting back to Core40, driving the coast, snuggles, mozzarella cheese curds, fresh candles, moments of peace, Sunday farmer’s markets, avocado + Cajun spice, green juice and spending time with friends!

I’ll certainly miss all of the delicious food we had in Portland and Seattle, but I brought back some coffee, tea, honey, fig balsamic, cheese, gourmet pasta, Cajun spice and caramels that will make me smile with memories and serve as perfect little pick-me-ups.


PS- I’m working on pulling together my Portland & Seattle posts with lots of recommendations and beautiful pictures. And don’t think I’ve forgotten about Cabo either…belated and much belated posts to come!

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