We have a (imo-inu) puppy!!!

And she’s the cutest creature ever…piper the imu-ino puppyMeet Piper! She’s an Imo-inu (american eskimo and shiba ink mix)! Oh and I’m already obsessed with her. Tell me that face doesn’t just melt your heart.

In addition to the new puppy I had an all-around solid weekend! Ate salmon for four meals in a row (without realizing it until after), beached in Newport, slurped a banana slurpee (the best flavor ever), and spent Sunday catching up with friends from home while getting the best pedis and Asian massages. To top it off I stopped for In-In-Out on the way down and ate it while driving the coast at sunset listing to Lana Del Rey. IMG_6599IMG_6618Ready and excited for the week ahead!


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