Weekend Reflections, September 22


This weekend:

– made (browned butter) scallops for the first time
– dressed like a tom boy
– found an estate sale at the most amazing house in Cardiff
– did some crazy morning workouts
– lunched at Seaside Market
– sold some old clothes (to Flashbacks, Thrifty Threads & My Sister’s Closet)
– babysat
– ate farmer’s market tacos
– got an iced soy chai at Pannikin
– missed our derpy furball

And now here I am: watching the Emmy’s, eating a dairy free ice cream sandwich, and not wearing pants. (They’re not legal on Sunday evenings, right?). Since I used to spend Sundays with friends but am home more often than not lately, I’ve decided to join in on the “Souper Sunday” fun and cook up a new soup every week. I’m excited to start a new cozy Sunday night tradition, especially now that the nights are getting cooler. Guess I’ll have to throw on some sweatpants for that…

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