Dancing in September

photo(11)It’s officially the last day of September! Umm, yikes. How did that happen?

Week highlights:
– Consistent Core40-ing (pilates) to the point where I can feel myself getting stronger
– Successfully made vegan pizza!
– Booked my laser eye surgery– excited & nervous. Mostly excited.
– Made up my mind to do a coastal road trip by the end of the year
– Kicked off the weekend right with Saturday morning Core40, followed by early 2000’s jams while taking the coast to Swami’s for citrus green juice. Mornings in Cardiff & Enci just put me in the best mood!
– Got to catch up with a biffle at her new place in Seal Beach over iced pumpkin almond milk lattes
– Sushi and movie date in Newps! Prisoners was so scary/stressful that my armpits pretty much never stopped sweating.

It’s been a good month, but I’m ready to carpe diem the last 3 months of 2013 and really accomplish some lingering goals (while having some major fun). Cheers to October!
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