Week Highlights: Sushi for Breakfast

IMG_6969 S’been a great week! Despite anxiously awaiting my fun-packed weekend, this week flew by. I’ve been craving weird things for breakfast lately. Some days I resist the urge (like cravings for a large old-fashioned lobster dinner) and other days I give in (like Friday morning’s 9:30am brown rice sushi chow-down). In my defense, Seaside Market has quite the tempting selection of sushi. But if we’re being real, it was mainly a lack of resources that prevented me from acquiring a lobster dinner at 10am. I’m used to having breakfast for dinner, but dinner for breakfast is new to me. Think I’m just gonna roll with it though. (So if you know of anywhere I can get lobster and mashed potatoes before 11am, help a sista out). pumpkin donuts and coffeeThat being said, it was brought to my attention that VG’s rolled out some seasonal pumpkin donuts this week and naturally, I must haz. Since I swung by after early morning pilates and they hadn’t made them yet but were sure to sell out, they offered to put two on hold for me to pick up after work. Reason #837 why I love them. And let me tell ya- those pumpkin donuts did not disappoint.

But as I mentioned, I grabbed some sushi Friday morning and then headed up to Whittier to surprise my Mom on her BIRTHDAY with flowers and Lavender Lounge tea. I spent the rest of the day working from home until it was time for dinner (watermelon margarita, grilled artichoke and pan fried whitefish (again) at The Farm in B Hills). We came home and celebrated with the gluten-free lavender chocolate cupcakes I made, complete with edible flowers (you can find them at Sprouts now!) and sparkles. IMG_7007  IMG_7075

Saturday night I got to celebrate a wonderful friend’s birthday with a wine-tasting party at her place. So much fun and so much wine- the perfect girl’s night. Being surrounded by friends in her cozy and festive house got me really excited for holiday parties.  IMG_7094french macaronsFinished the weekend on a really peaceful note. Let’s have another great week, friends!

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