Obsessed with Core40


I’ve been on a serious Pilates grind these days! Although I was initially nervous I would end up burnt out, going in almost daily has actually had the opposite effect. I can’t wait to get my Core40 in for the day, and when I can’t make it (like when I’m out of town for the weekend) I actually find myself missing it- mentally and physically.

I mix up classes with mornings and evenings depending on what I have going on that week, and I like them both for different reasons. It always feels great to start the morning strong and early, maybe grab a green juice or coffee after and then have my evenings free. But I also love evening classes because I can use up all of my energy, and the sun is setting with a faint scent of beach bonfire in the air. It really reminds me how lucky and happy I am to live where I do.

I’m noticing some changes in my body, but more importantly I can actually feel myself getting stronger- and even having to adjust my spring load accordingly(!). So while it is a tad expensive, I figure it’s a healthy habit/investment and am happy to adjust my budget in other places to keep on pike-to-planking. And french twisting. And catfishing. Just kidding, I hate catfish.

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