DIY Wedding Gift: Home Bar Starter Kit

diy home bar kit

I absolutely love giving gifts! I LOVE IT! (Yes, that was my Icona Pop scream voice). Honestly, I would consider buying/making/assembling/wrapping gifts a hobby. I just wish I could get paid to do it for other people. Like an event planner…but a gift planner? Hire me.

I’ll take any excuse to put together a thoughtful gift, simply because it’s fun. So when I found out one of my friends was getting married, I pretty much got a Pinterest high (it’s a thing) from scouring all of the DIY gift projects I’d been saving up. As it turns out, I decided to go a different route and put together a home bar starter kit that includes my friend’s favorite alcohol and some of the necessities of a great home bar. I figured they can have fun experimenting with different cocktails on their own during movie nights, or break it out to make drinks when when they have company over. If you like putting gifts together, consider a home bar starter kit!

I had a vague idea of what I wanted to include in the basket and bought items depending on what I found and stopped when I hit my budget.
Here’s what I ended up including:

+ favorite alcohol
+ pretty simple syrup or mixer
+ pretty cocktail recipe book (this one is beautifully illustrated!)
+ paper straws
+ DIY dip-dyed tea towels (I was itchin to include some kind of DIY!)
+ ceramic basket full of limes and lemons
+ rim salt
+ muddler straw
+ lime juicer
+ small liquid measuring glass
+ pretty tray to set everything on and pull it all together

diy home bar kit

Other things I thought of including but couldn’t find exactly what I wanted: cocktail shaker, citrus squeezer, pretty glasses, wine stoppers, DIY instagram coasters, potted mini succulent, cheers! wall art, etc.

Also, a tip: Don’t be afraid to go the antique route. I searched high and low at my usual home decor spots looking for the right serving tray/platter (Target, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s) but there was nothing! Then I went to a consignment shop by my house (where I once bought a gold decorative tray to display perfumes on my vanity) and hit the jackpot! There were multiple around so I even had a choice. I went with this silver/nickel tray that I realized only after purchasing, still had a tag from Anthropolgie on the back! No wonder I loved it.

Cheers to the newlyweds! 

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