Week Highlights, October 20th


It was an interesting week experimenting with food and trying to determine the culprit(s) behind my digestive issues and potential food allergies. At one point it seemed like my stomach issues were going to be around for good, no matter what I ate. Then by the weekend it got to the point where I was accidentally (and then purposely) eating foods I knew would trigger a bad reaction, and had zero reaction. As of now I have a few ideas of what’s up with my bod and have made a doctor appointment because really, something is wrong. Until then I’m trying to eat as clean as possible while avoiding whole grains (food made with white flour seems to be fine), quinoa, chia seeds, kombucha, and dairy, and upping my coconut oil, coconut water and aloe juice intake.

Having a fun weekend ahead to look forward to definitely helped me stay as positive and productive as possible despite the health challenges. Saturday we had a blast at our friend’s wedding, surrounded by good friends and complete with photo booth, open bar, and dancing! Kelly was such a beautiful bride, though I wouldn’t expect any less because she’s just beautiful in general. IMG_7285

IMG_7314Sunday I came back down fairly early to pop into a birthday party for one of the kids I babysit. Hard to believe that I met the family before she was even born, and now she’s TWO! Earlier this week I helped make the decorations for the adorable vintage pink pony themed party- cute banners, tissue paper flowers, pony ribbons, etc. It turned out great! The rest of the day I decided to just relax and treat myself. Ended up getting a pedicure (and realized I needed the massage chair more than the actual pedicure) and tested out some new enzymes by grabbing an organic pizza and enjoying it with some wine and History Channel. Happy to report, day of relaxation and enzymes were both a success.


Refreshed and ready to conquer the new week ahead!

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