DIY Fabric Wrapped Lampshade Chandelier

IMG_7497As one of my four simple goals to finish off the year, I’m revisiting my unfinished projects to see them through to completion! Today I bring you…a fabric wrapped lampshade chandelier thing?

I don’t really know what to call this project, as it’s made from a lampshade, hung like a chandelier, kind of resembling a mobile, reminiscent of a hoop skirt. I guess the name’s not a big deal though. My inspiration was this project from A Blog Full of Weldons:

I winged the project (per usual) and like how it turned out! Definitely worth the $5 spent on a lampshade at the thrift store and 20 minutes spent creating. Not quite sure if I’m finished with it yet, but I hung it up above my bed anyway. I might add some more fabric colors or dangling pieces, or add an actual bulb to it. But for now…diy fabric wrapped lampshade chandelier

DIY Fabric Wrapped Lampshade Chandelier
1 old lampshade with a good wire shape
Fabric scraps, cut into strips
Glue gun


  • Take your lampshade and cut/strip off the fabric to reveal just the wire frame.
  • Using strips of fabric, start wrapping fabric around the lampshade, keeping tight and securing with hot glue.
  • Once all wire is covered, feel free to add ribbons, yarn, pom poms, etc to dangle from the bottom.

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