Adventures in Halotherapy

what is halotherapy, salt room therapy

While halotherapy is a longstanding natural healing process used in Europe, it is still relatively new to the US. Halotherapy, or “salt room therapy” involves passively inhaling dry salt while sitting in a salt cave microclimate that is free of toxins and infused with mineral-rich salt properties. The salt creates a negative ion charge in the body that is inhaled and absorbed into the skin. These negative particles help push out toxins in the body, increase immunity, and promote total relaxation.

Salt therapy is used as a natural treatment for conditions such as:

  • Salt therapy is used to treat conditions such as:
  • Skin disorders (eczema, acne, etc)
  • Allergies
  • Stress and insomnia
  • Sinus and ear infections, sore throat
  • Cold, flu and bacterial infections
  • and so much more!

I first learned about the healing properties of salt when I was talked into buying a cute little salt rock lamp at a wellness convention several years ago. But I never really gave it a second thought until I saw an online deal for “Salt Room Therapy” that peaked my interest. Always down to try new and weird things, I decided to give it a go! I was interested to see if it would make a difference in my (currently) mild eczema and sinus allergies.

Here’s my experience:
While I can’t truly speak to its full effectiveness having only done one (45-minute) session, it was definitely a positive experience that I would be interested in exploring further! The room is made to simulate a salt cave, and it really felt like I was inside of one. The walls are coated in salt and the floor is covered in salt chunks. There was a larger version of the salt rock lamp I own in the corner, and the lighting + strange and soothing environment made me feel like I joined a cult that worshiped himalayan salt rocks. I didn’t know how salty and humid to expect the room to get, but after climbing into a comfy zero-gravity chair and reaching for Women’s Health from a pile of dry magazines, I realized I wouldn’t leave the room caked in moist salt.

I almost wasn’t sure the room/machine was working at all until I noticed my lips tasted salty and I started getting so relaxed that I was too lazy to keep reading. The room was so soothing! I definitely noticed a difference in stress reduction and relaxation. And placebo or not, I woke up the next morning feeling far less congested than normal. As for my skin, I didn’t really notice any changes.

If you’ve never tried out a salt room before, I definitely recommend that you do! If nothing else, it’s guaranteed to be a fun new experience that you can you’ve done. Salt therapy rooms are popping up more frequently these days, so search the web for one near you. If you’re in the San Diego area, my experience was at the Salt Room La Jolla. Check them out!

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