Week Highlights: Whole Foods and Haute Cakes

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3Another week down and another week closer to December. I’m not in the holiday spirit yet, though Pinterest seems to think so! However, this is the first year that I actually have a small list of things I’m going to try to score online through Black Friday weekend deals. Some of the items I’m going to buy anyway, I just figured I would wait to see if I can get a deal, and the rest is stuff I’ll only get if there is a good deal (like silk pillowcases, new juicer, etc). Ya know, the necessities.

There were a lot of ups and downs, though it was a pretty quiet week. Once I could resume exercise I went back to Pilates only to find I lost all of my strength (in less than a week!). Okay not really, but it was haaaard. Then I went balls to the wall (no lie) in Whole Foods immediately after for some retail therapy. Yep, apparently grocery store retail therapy is a thing. #Noregrets though because the shit I bought was delicious. All kinds of tea, bars, specialty drinks, and Califia Farms Almond Milk Cold Brew was finally stocked!

I also signed a few online petitions to bring almond milk to Starbucks. Just doing my part to Be The Change. Baha. The weekend was more eventful as I went up to Newport and we hit up hole in the wall Eat Chow (again), tha dolla theatre (Rush, which I actually really enjoyed) and finally Haute Cakes for Seaworth Coffee (and hot cakes, duh). I stumbled upon Seaworth Coffee on Instagram and when I saw they served it at Haute Cakes I made a mental note, otherwise known as: I took a screen shot to reference at a later date. Well this Sunday was the date and boy was it gerrrrd. I had the cold brew with almond milk and their coconut syrup to go with my blueberry oat hot cakes and eggs. The place is perfect for a casual Sunday morning., and reminded me I haven’t been to The Cottage in ages. And guess what? Seaworth is coming to San Diego County Whole Foods’ soon which means more options for my Whole Foods hauls!

Yikes. Okay. Have a great week, friends.

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