Week Highlights

IMG_7603IMG_7591It’s a beautiful Sunday! Normally I can’t stand being stuck in the house on Sundays, but right now I’m enjoying being cozied up with a blanket and almond milk iced coffee. I just got back from a Pilates ass-whooping and the farmer’s market- my favorite Sunday ritual. I’m feeling extra thankful for my true friends and family lately. Mini catch-ups with some of my dearest friends this week just completely warmed my heart. Friends that genuinely support and want the best for me. Friends that don’t judge. Friends I know I will be friends with forever, no matter how much time has passed. It’s been a productive weekend but there’s still lots left to do. Cheers to a wonderful (Thanksgiving) week ahead! I’m getting excited for muddy morning flag football with friends, chowin’ down, baking, and a lil SNL marathon with family.

(PS- This guy knows just the right time to send a funny meme)IMG_7565

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