November TIU Motivational Mail


Since joining Tone It Up a few months ago, I’ve been absolutely blown away by the support, encouragement, and sense of community that makes TIU so special. It’s not just a nutrition plan or workout guide, it’s a whole community of like-minded girls on the road to being the best version of themselves, together. There is really nothing else like it! (Unless there’s some kind of virtual fitness sorority somewhere out there…)? Heheh. While I don’t follow the plan strictly– mainly due to dietary restrictions and my preference for Pilates– I’ve incorporated the basic lifestyle principles and love being a member of the TIU community.

I was so excited to find TIU Motivational Mail- it’s like a fitness pen pal program for grown ups! TIU Motivational Mail is voluntarily organized and put together by a member, Jessie, who randomly matches you up with another TIU girl to get to know and encourage throughout the month. Towards the end of the month, you get to exchange packages full of your favorite health and fitness stuff or things you think your partner would love. (I think I may have mentioned that I love gift buying/making/giving before?! 😉 ) And duh…getting surprise packages in the mail is just as fun!

This was my first month taking part, and it was awesome! It was so much fun making a new friend on the East Coast and sharing support throughout the month. My partner even got engaged over Thanksgiving!! I sent her a box full of my favorite snacks (like chia packs and Coco Cafe- she’s a coffee addict!), beauty products (like EOS and bath salts for muscle tension), and fun stuff like socks and paper straws. And then I came back from Thanksgiving to my cute package with some of her favorite things like festive cozy socks, a sports tumbler, and Starbucks card! :)mymotivationalmailpackage

Thanks so much Meredith, and congrats on your engagement! 

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