Week Highlights: Online Shopping Haul

As I sit here anxiously analyzing my new 2014 planner after already spending an hour picking it out (nice layout, but are the pages too thin, did I get the right size?!) I realized my indecisiveness is hitting an all-time high lately. It’s definitely something I want need to work on in 2014. Sometimes you just gotta make moves.

I did make a lot of moves this past week, if you consider balls-to-the-wall online shopping as moves! It’s hard to believe Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday were really just this week because most of my packages have already arrived! I did some great strategic shopping for gifts, and lots of splurging on myself. Whooops. At least it was all premeditated rather than impulse buying? And the deals were pretty outrageous.

The weekend was rainy, relaxing, and just about perfect! Got to catch up with some friends Friday night, get my Pilates on all weekend, and binge on delicious Arclight popcorn at the movies. Actually, I went to the movies twice this week! (*insert monkey covering mouth emoji*). Catching Fire and Dallas Buyers Club.

Anyway, I put some of my Black Friday haul items into a collage because, come on, it’s pretty impressive! I think all of them would make great gifts. My total budget for myself and gifts was less than $150! (And I got more than pictured below; can’t spoil my prezzies!). Crazy. I’m not one to obsess over material things but I am one to obsess over great deals.

Sweet Gifts for Her

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