Week Highlights

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Ahhh ahhh ahhhh! This is honestly the first year that I’ve actually felt the infamous “holiday stress”. And I don’t even understand why! I started my Christmas shopping back in August and am not even decorating or hosting parties. But for some reason I just feel so constantly anxious like I’m struggling to catch up with everything. Most of my to-do list isn’t even holiday related, but needs to be done before the 21st. This week is major crunch time (the crunchiest time) but then I’ll be sipping cocktails on Hawaii time! Eyes on the prize.

It’s been a struggle to chill out and just enjoy the present lately. Tuesday my mom was in town and took me out to dinner, so that was a nice little break. But I just feel like a mental/emotional wreck these days and am completely exhausted from the weekend. It was literally non-stop (but definitely fun). Saturday night we hopped on a friend’s boat for the Mission Bay Holiday Boat Parade- which was awesome!- and Sunday the weather was gorgeous enough to read at the beach for an hour before making granola for gifts before hitting my first ever Ducks game!

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Aight. Time for coffee. Brain is jello. Breakdown commencing in….




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