Herbie’s Natural Foods and The Rock Pile

Growing up, we usually hated being schlepped around on errands with my mom. Especially if those errands brought us to Herbies– the natural food and remedies store that smelled overwhelmingly like vitamins, wheatgrass and patchouli.

While I never could appreciate Herbie’s as a kid- other than as the place that sold fruit leather strips- I look at it with a totally different perspective now. The tiny shop is stocked floor to ceiling with vitamins, supplements, natural remedies, body products, tea, incense, specialty goods and organic produce…you name it and it’s in there. It looks like a little health shop straight out of Encinitas….but it’s in Whittier. And this surprising fact makes it 10x cooler.


With time to kill in Whittier this week, I made my way over to Herbie’s to wander (am I the only one who considers grocery shopping a hobby?) and pick up a few new items to try. Among some new items that caught my eye, I noted all of the brands and products I usually head to Whole Foods or Sprouts for. They even stock Suja juice! The Boodah Butter was a Christmas gift purchased from Herbie’s that I haven’t been able to get enough of; vegan and handmade, the only ingredients are organic shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil and olive oil.


At my mom’s insistence, I also went next door to check out the newer Herbie’s Rock Pile– filled with stones, jewelry, incense, spiritual tokens and books- and ended up picking up a few more things. Of course I couldn’t pass up some  zodiac leo inspired incense or this elephant hand carved wooden box….and the quartz chunk earrings were only $4…so like, duh. And I picked up some healing crystals for good measure- citrine for positive, vibrant energy and tangerine quartz for balance, clarity and creativity. :)  I definitely want to learn more about stones sometime soon.

So there you have it. Herbies: a Whitter staple. If you’re ever in the area I suggest stopping by! 

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