New Year, New Goals: 2014


I love the inspiration that comes with starting a fresh new year, absolutely exploding with possibilities! There’s something so wonderful about the chance to start anew, releasing the past and the negativity that comes with it, and embracing the opportunity to be your best self in the new year that lies ahead.

I have a lot of hopes and dreams for 2014, and I’m working out some goals and action items to make them happen. This is going to be the year of doing, of making shit happen. But it’s also going to be the year of finding balance and perspective, living in the present, being content in each moment, striving for progress rather than perfection, and not letting little failures get me down.

Bigger 2014 Personal Goals:

  • Collect moments, not things. Less shopping (kick the habit). More new experiences, traveling, concerts, saving.
  • Take action! Less (over)thinking, more doing. More living spontaneously. More feeling fulfilled.
  • Nurture existing friendships, make new ones and expand my network. Less “let’s grab lunch!”; more actual grabbing lunch. More keeping in touch with dear friends, more social events.
  • Be present in each moment, improve focus on each task. Less anxiety, more being content in the present moment. Less wasted time (web surfing), more time management. More prioritization, more devotion to each task at hand.
  • Invest in myself– body, mind and soul.

The goals continue as well as break down and get a lot more specific, but I wanted to share these broader goals to serve more as themes that will help shape my year of personal growth.

I honestly have a really good feeling about this year! Here’s to 2014!



3 Responses to New Year, New Goals: 2014

  1. Ashleigh says:

    These are great goals! *insert several clapping hands emoji*

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