Week in Review

It’s been a fast week getting back into the swing of work and normal life. I’ve been enjoying filling up my new planner with both to-do lists and fun plans, having 2014 goals still fresh in my mind!

Before coming back down to San Diego a friend and I finally got to hit up Egg Slut at the Grand Central Market in downtown LA. It was so hearty and filling, totally delicious! Plus the Chef gave us free warm cookies 😉 Walking through the rest of the market made me wish I was in LA more often to come back and try the other cute restaurants and coffee shops. I did end up grabbing some fresh juice from Press Brothers Juicery; the Liquid Gold- pineapple, apple, lemon and mint- is amaaaaazing. Definitely going to be making that myself on the reg.



After a day of getting settled I couldn’t wait to break in my new gold sparkle helmet and bike basket, so I took the bike (I think she needs a name) out for her first longer voyage to the Leucadia farmer’s market (where else?!). After witnessing a pretty scary car crash and having to call 911 the night before, I was a little nervous to be out on the streets. Luckily there were a good amount of other bikers out and I think Encinitas drivers are a little more used to bikers than the average driver. Riding Vulcan is so gorgeous and exhilarating!



There were lots of beautiful moments this week, actually! I ran into a friend at Core40 Saturday morning which totally made my day, and then later met up with friends visiting to grab beer and buddies at Pizza Port, which just put the cherry on top! Now I have the Golden Globes on while I wrap up a productive Sunday and prepare for some Lush pampering and wine sipping. Looking forward to another productive week and beautiful weekend ahead!

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  1. Ashley says:

    I always love all your pictures! They are all so beautiful and colorful!!

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