Seattle Trip Guide

So hey, this Seattle trip may have taken place almost six months ago now, but it’s a warm sunny day here and I’m daydreaming about running around the city again and eating eating eating. (Namely ice-cream, fish and peach ginger beer). So please enjoy my long over-due Seattle trip files! I had lots of help filling our itinerary with must-do’s and eating recommendations from a friend who visits family in the city often- so thank you Josh! Scroll down to the bottom (all the way!) for my list of what to do, eat and see in Seattle!


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Although we could have easily taken public transportation to almost anywhere we wanted to go, we were anxious to make sure we could fit in everything we wanted to do in our five days and didn’t want to waste any time with routes and schedules. So we rented a car for the first 3 days, and dropped it off when we switched hotels to a downtown location for the last full day (my birthday!). Planning to use the car as much as possible while we had it, after an amazing french breakfast at Toulouse Petit Kitchen we took a short drive out to Discovery Park, where we did a gorgeous hike-walk over looking the ocean through green trees and wild blackberries on our first day.

Although we ate wild blackberries straight from the forest (and didn’t die!) we were always hungry by the time we got to Pike Place, which we frequented several days in a row. So much gorgeous flowers and produce! It’s like a farmer’s market on steroids, and you know how I feel about farmer’s markets. Some must-try places there: Beecher’s Homemade Cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches, Rachel’s Ginger Beer for the best flavored ginger beer and mule cocktails of your life, and Pike Place Chowder for the best chowder. (They also have a red gluten-free chowder!). Also be sure to visit the gum wall, flying fish, and original Starbucks.

At this point the days all blur together as far as timeline goes, but here’s a list of highlights and recommendations:

Seattle Underground walking tour! (tour guides keep it hilarious and interesting)
Walk Pike, Pine and Broadway
Gasworks Park- best day view of Seattle
Kerry Park- best night view of Seattle
Green Lake Park- walk, jog and cycle
Seward Park- peninsula and trails
Space Needle
EMP Museum (I skipped this and walked around checking out local grocery stores, baha)

Citizen Coffee- lavender almond milk latte and great egg hashes
Skillet Diner- go for cinnamon rolls, sat & sun. 1400 E Union St
Rview: 28th floor of Renaissance Hotel, go for cocktails and skyline. 515 Madison St.
Ivan’s Acres of Clams: Pier 54; get clams (duh).
Chinook’s @ Fisherman’s Terminal: fresh seafood, casual setting, excellent view.
Ponti Seafood Grill
Ray’s Café- lunch and dinner. 6049 Seaview Avenue NW
Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream (multiple locations)
Quinn’s Pub- 1001 East Pike Street, Seattle
The Whale Wins- lunch (Fremont) 3506 Stone Way N Seattle
Plaka Estiatorio- authentic Greek restaurant (owned by Josh’s family!). Voted best Greek food in the city. 5407 20th Ave NW
Top Pot Donuts

Ballard was hands-down my favorite neighborhood, but each one had it’s own unique things going for it. You’ll definitely want at least a half day in both Ballard and Freemont:
Ballard Smoke Shop- for fish and drinks
Hot Cakes- cakes and decadent milkshakes
Parfait- Macarons with ice cream filling, desserts
Ballard Pizza Co- casual place with local ingredients
Molly Moon’s Ice Cream- amaaaaazing flavors

Freemont Troll statue- 3405 Troll Ave N (no lie)
Fremont Coffee Co
Ponti Seafood Grill
Elliot Bay Book Co.

So there ya have it! I’m dying to go back, so if you have any recommendations, please spill! :)

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