Week Notes



If this week were to be summed up in three words: coffee, uncontrollable thoughts, and gratitude.

My brain is normally all over the place to begin with, but this week it was noticeably more so with the most random thoughts and phrases popping up and staying in my head unannounced (ie: Out of the Box theme song. Like….what? why?). I’m actually surprised it was able to (semi) function with all of that noise.

But despite the work week struggles (which necessitated the excess coffee) there was a lot a lot to be thankful for this week! Bad mornings turning into good days, feelin’ all of the blog love (seriously, thanks guys!) catching up with a friend over Core40 and dinner, having Stumptown re-gram me(!) and hanging out with my favorite kiddos all weekend. It was a working weekend because I was nannying, but we had a fun time getting breakfast at Snooze, hitting the park, visiting the library and EATING ICE CREAM AND WATCHING MOVIES. It’s funny how easy it is to make kids happy sometimes. I just hope I didn’t give them the diabetes. (See french toast below).



At least I balanced our Snooze breakfast with a super healthy one the next day- chia pudding, green smoothies and eggers.


Was anyone else on the struggle bus this week? Here’s to a new coffee-filled week ahead!

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