Week Notes

Since starting Pilates I kinda haven’t stepped foot in a gym. But since I’ll be on cutting back on Pilates soon (too ‘spensive! :( ) I figured I’d better get warmed up to the gym again. First order of business…..new chooos!20140202-091357.jpg

Radiant orchid plus bright orange cross trainers…I meeeaaaaannnnn YES.

I spent the week mainly on cold alert trying to avoid actually getting sick. (I’ve been lingering on the edge of sickness). It was nice to have an excuse to just relax for once. And l almost felt alright about not attempting my to do list. I did get out to a fun meet up and got to know some new girl friends! So that’s exciting. Then Friday and Saturday were spent out celebrating and brunching with friends (omg, crab cakes).



Also- I’ve become ultra fixated on finding new shampoo and conditioner that is sulfate, silicone AND paraben free. It is is no easy feat (especially when trying not to bust your budget)! Why is it so hard to find a product that lacks all three together? If anyone has any recommendations they would be greatly appreciated!


Sulfate, silicone, paraben free hair care recommendations anyone? Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday!


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