Week Notes: Thank you Universe!


I will never, ever forget this week. Not because of some crazy fun things I did or anything particularly momentous, but for the consistent series of small events that made me so sure that the universe is listening to me. I’ve never been so humbled or blown away with the realization that sometimes the world is listening and knows exactly what you need (before you even know it)!

Without getting too personal let me just say that the universe has been actively sending things my way, through physical items, signs, solutions, random epiphanies. I started the week overflowing with anxiety and uncertainty. That all began to dissolve as I became so comforted and amazed that the world could provide me with everything I needed, when I didn’t even know what it was that I needed. At the risk of sounding like a crazy person: the world sent me signs! Both virtual and real, touchable signs that were impossible to ignore. So random and timely that they simply could not be a coincidence.


Go to lunch: zucchini noodle salad

I feel like karma is taking care of me or something. I don’t understand it but I so, so, so appreciate it. There’s no better feeling than the assurance that the world’s got your back.

Mother universe aside, it shaped up to be quite a nice week! Tasty healthy eats, beer tasting at Saint Archer’s, and a sunny, relaxing, productive Saturday in Cardiff.



Urban Pi in Del Mar



 Believe in the universe! Anyone else get signs from the world lately?





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