Moving Weekend: The End of an Era


Welp, this weekend officially marks the end of an era! I’ll be moving out of an apartment with my college best friend and roommate of 4+ years, and into my own sunny little studio in Cardiff. This is the first lease I’ve signed all on my own, and the first time I’ll actually be living completely on my own, just doin’ me. I’m so excited!

Despite the nuisance of moving prep which has taken over my life this week, I’m really looking forward to setting up my own place as a legit adult and taking advantage of a fresh new start. I’m so ready to cleanse and consolidate, and use this as an opportunity to only hold on to things that are still useful or make me happy. I know there will barely be room for my necessities and prized possessions, which means there’s definitely no room for the junk I don’t like and have just been holding on to, which is pretty refreshing. I definitely have hoarding tendencies (mainly with things I know I can re-purpose). And I do have a lot of unnecessary stuff. But in my defense, I have a lot of hobbies that require supplies! (like cooking, canning, blogging, jewelry making, crafting, calligraphy, etc). Plus I’d consider decorating a hobby in itself. Still, it will feel really nice to pare down and simplify.

So here’s to a new start! In the meantime, here’s a nostalgic little tribute to roommates and apartments past:

Like most people, I’ve had a mix of wonderful and terrible roommate experiences. Most of the bad came from a hellish freshman triple dorm, but since then my roommates were all of my own choosing and almost always friends that I already knew I could live with. I’ve been so lucky in the roommate (and friend) department the past few years! I had the kind of roommates who would drop their own priorities if I needed something, and who were always there to talk, laugh, eat and be absolutely weird and delirious with. My roommates have also always been pretty health conscious, either just as much as me or even more so, which in retrospect made it way easier to eat healthy and make time for exercise. I miss you guys! Looking back am so happy that everything worked out the way it did.

And now that I’m moving closer to the beach (!!!), I can’t help but reflect back on my favorite apartment two minutes from Shores. We came back from snowy Paris to a massive sunny apartment up the street from La Jolla Shores, with a beautiful bright kitchen and the tiniest hint of an ocean view. The location couldn’t be more convenient with a city bus stop around the corner (holla at the Dirty 30 which I would take to school to avoid paying for parking) and both Shores and downtown La Jolla within short walking distance. It was the cheapest I’ve ever paid for rent and there was literally more space than we knew what to do with, though we did contemplate turning the living room into a yoga studio (we could fit at least 20+ mats). I spent what was probably my favorite college summer in that place, and had my routine down flat. Morning baking or projects, beach run (same playlist which I still have memorized), jump in the pool, layout with iced tea and a book, shower before working an evening shift and hanging with friends after, and then doing it all over again the next day. (Oh yeah, two summer school classes fit in there, somewhere). Sometimes I mixed it up and picked up a sandwich at The Cheese Shop or hit the gym or The Cottage or hung out in PB (fro-yo) or some other random adventure (usually involving Costco). I don’t think I realized at the time I was actually living the life.

Mk, nostalgic flashback over. Cardiff studio and moving day here I come!



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  1. Ashleigh says:

    Xoxo, I love you!!

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