How to Beat a Cold Fast, Naturally

how to beat a cold

A few weeks back I successfully fought off a cold naturally before it even really stood a chance! It was totally empowering and exciting, but I wanted to wait and make sure I was really in the clear to avoid jinxing it before spilling my strategy. Now that my immune system is alive and kickin’, I present: How to Kick a Cold, Naturally!

When you feel a sickness coming on it’s easy to be lazy since you’re already low on energy, tired, and exhausted. But the key to beating a cold is to commit to kicking it as soon as possible, and treating it like a game you can will win. You may just want to curl up into non-existence, but keeping a positive and determined outlook is everything.

While a lot of factors may be out of your hands (a germy work environment, bi-polar weather) you need to take responsibility for what you can control to prevent a full-blown cold: keeping a positive attitude, getting adequate sleep, drinking enough water, and upping the vitamin game. Put on your game face and see below for my tried-and-true strategy.

Natural cold fighting strategy, as soon as you feel a cold coming on:

  • Keep a positive, determined outlook. We all know you manifest what you say and think. Know you can fight this and don’t give up. Repeat after me: I will not get sick. I’m not getting sick. I’m not sick.
  • Drinks lots and lots (and lots!) of water. Flush that sh*t out! Even better if you add lemon.
  • Sip on this Soothing Cold Elixir. Every element in this recipe (lemon, apple cider vinegar, honey, turmeric, ginger, to name a few) has distinct cold-fighting and immune boosting properties. And as an added bonus, it will give you energy!
  • Swallow at least one tablespoon of organic, unrefined coconut oil daily. Its antibacterial properties help fight the bad stuff. Add to smoothies, or straight from the spoon.
  • Shots of juiced fresh ginger and cayenne. Make yourself or hit a juicery for this natural decongestant and anti-inflammatory.
  • Eat one large, nourishing lunch (like salmon and veggies) and keep breakfast and dinner simple with smoothies or soups. This leaves the body with more energy to focus on fighting the cold rather than spending it on digestion.
  • Get extra sleep. I know it’s hard to feel good about going to sleep when you have a to-do list staring you down. But think of going to bed earlier as just another item on your to-do list that needs to be crossed off. Your body needs sleep to get better, and there’s always tomorrow.
  • Avoid caffeine, dairy and sugar (other than manuka honey) as much as possible. Caffeine and dairy will only increase mucus production, so stay away from coffee. A shot of apple cider vinegar and a mug of the cold elixir actually gave me more energy than coffee usually does!

Be sure to rest, relax, and let your body do it’s thing. Good luck!

Any other natural cold-fighting strategies? Do tell!

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