Week Notes: Rain and Rainbows


I am sooo into this rain. Like I wouldn’t mind if it rained for another week straight. There’s no cozier feeling than being warm and comfy inside while listening to the rain patter down. Or sitting in a coffee shop and gazing out thewindow with a hot drink. On a Sunday.

For some reason yesterday felt like a Sunday, so now today feels like Sunday #2, which is just fine by me. After a blah week the weekend really delivered, starting with Friday’s gorgeous sunset as the sun broke through the clouds and a giant rainbow appeared. There was such beautiful golden light shining down on Cardiff, I just wanted to play outside in the rain! After the sun went down we spent the night warm in a bar celebrating our friend’s birthday and catching up with friends.


After the final walkthrough and goodbye to our old house I rode my bike back into Cardiff and managed to avoid therain! It was a fun ride because the air was still crisp and wet, and everything smelled fresh. We grabbed linner (which is apparently becoming a weekend tradition) at Flat Rock Cafe, where I had a yummy Mango Prawn Salad and a few refreshing sips of Better Weather IPA. We left for a surf check at Swamis where lots of people and dawggies were gathered to see the waves (large but crumbly). A trip to Redbox and Whole Foods later (organic junk food is better junk food, right?!) and we were hunkered down for a movie marathon. Thumbs up for Kings of Summer, neutral thumbs for All is Lost (did learn a few survival tricks in case I end up stranded at sea), and thumbs down for The Incredible Now, which I probably would have enjoyed a lot more if I was 14.

So anyway, back to this rainy coffee shop morning where I’m organizing what I plan to be a 21 day detox cleanse, starting tomorrow. Letcha know how that goes next week!



[Cute new matchboxes I ordered on Etsy!]

Anyone else loving the rain as much as I am?!

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