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Hello from another gorgeous Sunday afternoon! And not just any Sunday afternoon….it’s daylight savings “spring forward” Sunday, so basically the best day of the entire year. It’s pretty much the first day of summer as far as I’m concerned. Topping off a laid back weekend by loungin’ outside in jorts with my feet up in the 80 degree sunshine, coconut water, warm breeze and all. Little bit of productivity, lotta bit of relaxing. It’s perfection!

Speaking of the weekend, it was filled with tons of sunshine, good eats, and beachin! I headed up to Newport Friday night and we grabbed a healthy dinner at Greenleaf Chopshop, where I’ll definitely be back to try out more of the menu. Saturday morning we woke up and headed straight to the beach, where Gavin surfed and I took in the sunshine with magazines and coffee. There were kites flying all over the blue sky and it was such a beautiful day! Made me so happy to just be alive. Pretty hungry, we tried out Waffleholic for brunch and it did not disappoint. I went for the BLT(A) waffle, which was basically a salad on top of the best waffle ever and a side of eggs. It’s a pretty neat semi-hidden spot that I think will become popular and blow up really soon. After a few more hours at the beach (a different one) we got clean and relaxed before dinner at Bear Flag Fish Co., which is always worth the wait (though you tend to forget that while hangry in line). Poke bowl and a Yellowtail sandwich left me stuffed enough to avoid snacks/dessert while watching In A World, which was LOL funny. I started today (Sunday) off right with a chocolately pb Nektar smoothie while getting my oil changed, and made sure to grab some icy cold guava limeade & cucumber mint lemonade from Lemonade before the drive back down to San Diego.


As I mentioned last week, this was week one of a dedicated detox diet. The first two days were easy peasy, as the “diet” is generally how I aim to eat everyday anyway before getting off track and splurging a little too much. But by day three things started to get rough as the sugar withdrawals and carby cravings began. I’m happy to report that while I did stray from the plan a bit this weekend, they were all pretty much “clean cheats” and unprocessed treats, aside from a little excess sugar.


Other highlights from the week:

  • Tasty, wholesome meals cooked in my new kitchen
  • Tried out Fitwall! Definitely an innovative and high tech workout experience. The instructors and assistants are super attentive and helpful, and boy was I sore the next day. After a 40 minute work out centered around the wall and its attachments, class ends with high fives, shots of coconut water, and lavender-mint scented cold towels. First class is free, so it’s worth checking out!
  • Beautiful Sunday bike ride through Cardiff and Encinitas- the weather was perfect!



Have a great week! Here’s to week two of detox eating!

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  1. Gorgeous pics. What a lovely week and even lovelier weekend you had! Hope the detox is going well for you? My diet is now so low in sugar that even a ‘binge’ in natural sugars is giving me bad side-effects – as witnessed this week with strong cravings, grumpy moods and a snakebite of spots on my forehead. Sexy, haha! xx

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