Week Notes


It’s been a fast week filled with a weird underlying quiet kind of stress, but which led up to a peaceful, happy weekend. I realized that taking a walk around the neighborhood just before the sun starts to set has become a new (favorite) Friday ritual. It seems like everyone pours out of their houses and cars to just be outside and celebrate the start of the weekend. Shoes are definitely optional.

After the walk I popped open a beer, put on a great playlist, and started cleaning as the sun went down. It’s been a while since cleaning felt this therapeutic and boy did it feel goood. (Until I broke a glass in my hand while washing dishes. Ouch.) Saturday Gav and I grabbed acai bowls and sat down for an hour or so of productivity, which ended up being severely unproductive because it was too hard not to people watch and I became captivated watching the most ingenious homeless man prepare himself a healthy lunch. It was like watching an actual cooking demonstration. The rest of the afternoon was spent lazily laughing and enjoying conversation out on my patio (Blake is back!) before going to see The Grand Budapest Hotel.


After a morning walk with coffee, Sunday turned out to be just as laid back but infinitely more productive. I snuck in a work out, crossed off a bunch of to-do’s, and even popped into the Healthy Living Festival. But despite all this fun and productivity, as the day began to wind down I was so not ready for it to be over. Luckily there was still a bit of Sunday left, and I met up with Ashleigh for this month’s- and my first ever- DMVA Vintner Dinner hosted at Pacifica. My favorite dishes were the Lemongrass Coconut Soup with Maine Lobster, and the Grilled Northern Halibut with Ricotta Gnocchi. Five delicious courses and wine pairings later, I finally felt ready to let go of the weekend.


 Have a great week, friends!

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  1. I have those Anthro coasters! And that shirt! 😉 How was the movie?

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