On Meal Prep and Eating Life Force

Living without a microwave has proven to be a lot easier than I was expecting. The only time I really find myself wishing for the convenience of one is when I forget that I made tea and it gets cold on me! And because I know I’ll be too lazy to reheat left-overs in the oven, I’ve found myself making and prepping more raw meals lately. Double win.

Meal prep is an obvious time saver and often the only thing standing between making healthy or unhealthy eating choices, but it does have its drawbacks. I try my best to avoid prepping cooked meals ahead of time as much as possible because it not only ruins the nutritional integrity of the food, but also the prana or “life force”. When you eat fresh fruits and vegetables you get a transference of not only nutrients but also their life-force. The longer a food is cooked and the the longer it sits uneaten, the less nutritional value it holds on to and the less energy you will consume. And you want energy! You want life force!


Raw diets are trending for a reason. It makes sense to aim to eat foods as close to their natural state as possible. Fresh fruits and vegetables are loaded with life force that will nourish your body and mind with physical energy, positive thinking, and vibrancy! (Not to mention help counter the effects of the modern-day toxic environment and other unhealthy lifestyle choices!)

That all sounds wonderful, and in a perfect world I could eat freshly prepared raw meals all day long. But that’s not always possible (let alone desirable!)….sometimes you just have to bring leftovers to heat up at work or prep roasted veggies for the next few days. And that’s okay! It’s all about balance. And using glass tupperware. 😉

So when prepping next week’s meals, I challenge you to ELF as much as possible…Eat Life Force!

I like to prep salads, carrots with guac, and fruit.

How do you ELF?

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