Week Notes

Friday afternoon I got a massage for the first time in months and literally felt like I was living inside of a cloud afterwards. It felt like someone stabbed a painless hole in my head and let all of the tension drain out.



My focus this week was on finishing those dumb, little to-do’s that have been polluting my planner since January. Most were boring, unstimulating tasks, but two of those to-do’s were finishing up books: Blog Inc. and Adulting. It had been so long since I sat down with a book I almost forgot that reading is a thing (and a thing that brings so much pleasure). Does this ever happen to anyone else??

I’ve literally been “reading” Blog Inc. for over a year. (I know this because I instagrammed it when I first opened it and that gram is dated 53 weeks ago). Joy Cho penned what is essentially a blogger’s handbook with great tips and useful insights; a book all bloggers and aspiring bloggers should read. Being easy to put down and pick back up, I just never made reading it a priority.

Adulting is a book I started in the summer and really enjoyed, just never made it all the way through. Kelly Williams Brown is hilarious and offers pretty common sense tips that serve more as comforting reminders. I laughed out loud more than a handful of times, like when she refers to oatmeal as healthy cocaine. It’s another one that’s easy to put down and pick up, and I would totally recommend as a fun spring break/beach read.

After a busy week I really enjoyed the weekend, though it was also crazy busy and felt much too short again. I had really light meals towards the end of the week because I was out of groceries (and lazy), so Saturday afternoon my stomach was rumbling for a large, filling meal. Priority Public House hit the spot- my mom and I enjoyed a long lunch chatting and looking out on the 101. (PS- they have gluten-free beer!). She helped me finish up some projects around my house and then we went to see Divergent, another book that’s been lingering unread on my Kindle. ;P


What books have you been meaning to finish?! Recommendations?

4 Responses to Week Notes

  1. Eryn says:

    I need to read that book Adulting! I need some guidance! haha

  2. Ashley says:

    Did you learn a lot from reading Blog Inc? I’ve recently stumbled across it but haven’t made the decision to purchase it yet.

    • There’s some good tips scattered throughout, but I didn’t find anything mind blowing. Some good information for organizing finances when you’re ready to monetize, and some inspiring short interviews with other bloggers. It would be worth checking out from a library and taking notes!

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