Taste of Leucadia 2014 Recap


This year’s Taste of Leucadia was such a fun night. Great food & drinks, live music, perfect weather for strolling the 101, and so many friendly faces! It still blows me away how outgoing and friendly people are in Encinitas. To top it all off I even got a Vitamin B shot in between taste stops- something that was on my to-do list all week but I never found time for!


I had to blast through and forgo the sip stops to make it up to LA for LuckyFABB, but I’m definitely looking forward to getting my drank on next time around. Starting at Fish101 I worked my way down to Hapifish (though the event even went a little further!) becoming more stuffed with each delicious stop. Solterra Winery was serving a skewer drizzled in squid ink, and you could smell Pannikin‘s famous muffins in the oven from a block away.


While Vigilucci’s won the popular vote for best taste, my top three favorites were:

Avocado pizza from Pandora’s Pizza (they also had tons of other crazy cool toppings!)

Juice sampler from Fully Loaded Juicery 

Poke salad from Hapi Fish 20140408-205246.jpg


Overall a fun night filled with great local bites. So looking forward to next year!

3 Responses to Taste of Leucadia 2014 Recap

  1. All this food looks so delicious, especially that poke salad. I am really intrigued with the vitamin B shot too! I’ll have to look into those :)

  2. Larissa says:

    I love this!! I wanna come down for it next year!

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